PUTAN CLUB - State of French Capitalism / Etat du capitalisme français

PUTAN CLUB State of French Capitalism / Etat du capitalisme français (2019-2020)

A cause du silence sinon du mensonge volontaire des médias nationaux français dont les propriétaires sont les grands capitalistes dirigeant effectivement le pays, et devant la grande lâcheté d’innombrables journalistes, nous n’avons pu recueillir et collectionner ces images, ces vidéos du mouvement 2019/2020 presque exclusivement que depuis les réseaux sociaux.

Nous avons monté cette vidéo le 21 janvier 2020. Toutes les images sont donc antérieures. Et nous craignons fortement que de nouvelles, encore plus iniquement horribles, ne soient causées par le gouvernement français dans un futur proche.

Devant l’urgence, nous avons dû faire fi des droits d’auteurs et nous en excusons. Nous sommes prêts à refaire le montage en ôtant les images dont les réalisateurs contesteraient cette utilisation de leur matériel. Pour nous contacter: putanclub@grrlz.net

Because of the silence, if not the voluntary lies, of the French national medias, the owners of which are the big French capitalists effectively ruling the country, and faced with the great cowardice of countless journalists, we were only able to collect these images, these videos of the 2019/2020 movement, almost exclusively only from the social networks.

We edited this video on January 21, 2020. All the images are therefore earlier. And we strongly fear that even more iniquitously horrible new ones will be caused by the French government in an earlier futur.

In the face of the emergency, we did ignore copyright and we apologize for it. We are ready to redo the editing by removing the images whose owners would dispute this use of their material. To contact us: putanclub@grrlz.net

Putan Club filmed/recorded by Carlo Mazzotta on 31/12/2019 at Centro Musicale, Copertino, Salento, Italy. Video editing: Carlo Mazzotta

PUTAN CLUB FeministElectronicIndustrialAvantRockTechnoWorldSauvagerie (Italy/France)

Gianna Greco - bass, vox

Zoé Martinot - drums

François R. Cambuzat - guitar, vox, computer

Website: http://www.putanclub.org/ Mark Zuckerberg's Money Maker: https://www.facebook.com/putanclub

Other videos : Filles de Mai: https://youtu.be/MuiRtBW5bZ0 Phenix: https://youtu.be/j7PZ26bulXI Palais Bourbon: https://youtu.be/EaVXTffeqJc

Contact: putanclub@grrlz.net

A 70% female trio, from Italy and France, based between Palermo and Beja. Voice, guitars, bass, drums & computer. The PUTAN CLUB declines feminism, electricity, electronics & savagery - as if Skrillex violated Meshuggah: groove and high-tension. Trance, Dance and Defiance.

The PUTAN PLUB is intended as a resistance cell, characterized by a mode of action (actions of strength in various places) very close to the first conspiracies of the European partisans during the last world war and today by resistants all over the world. Resistance is organized with the archaic and immediate means of our century: electric voices and rumors, tanks and counted words, from extrem-avant-rock to contemporary classical music until brutal techno/house, as from the kiss on the mouth to the kick in the ass...

The PUTAN CLUB does not belong to any church (metal, techno, jazz, avant, punk, or what-the-fuck-ever) but claims the right to be all that, even more so. And proved it, from Laayoune to Beijing. Then, the PUTAN CLUB regularly collaborates with other demons such as Lydia Lunch, Eugene S. Robinson or Denis Lavant.

…Hey baby, it’s subversive…